Awards 2012

Dear Colleagues!

The EWG-DSS has launched in 2011 a motivating research initiative for young researchers of an annual “EWG-DSS-Award“.

The annual “EWG-DSS-Award” will choose the best and most innovative among submitted and presented work by students or young researchers, in the EWG-DSS organized workshops and conference streams of the same year, to be rewarded with a modest prize in money.

–  How to apply? Participate in the EWG-DSS organized Workshops and Session Streams each year and allow your work to be part of our selection!

For 2012, applicable work submitted to the EWG-DSS Liverpool 2012 Workshop in April 2012 and to the EWG-DSS Stream on Decision Support System at the Vilnius EURO Conference 2012 in July 2012 will be taken into consideration for this award.

In 2011 the prize given was of € 300,00. For the this years, the EWG-DSS hopes to count with sponsorship from research funds and from the industrial sector to make the “EWG-DSS-Award” financially appealing. More information soon.

We hope you like and support this initiative by participating and/or disseminating this information among your students, colleagues, research partners and collaborators. Guidelines and requisites for the work selection, ranking and final choice for the “EWG-DSS Award” will soon be published in the EWG-DSS Homepage.

The “EWG-DSS Award 2012” can still be yours!   Participate!

 Best regards,
The EWG-DSS Coordinators

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