Production Planning & Control Special Issue

The EWG-DSS Liverpool-2012 Workshop on “Decision Support Systems & Operation Management Trends and Solutions in Industries” will select from its accepted and presented work some contributions for a Special Issue on on “Collaborative Decision-Making Trends and Solutions for Industries” in the Production Planning & Control Journal (PPC). You may download the official Call for Papers here. This publication will consist of thoroughly revised papers of the selected abstracts and presentations.

The enterprise planning, management and decision-making processes associated with production, inventory and resource capacity and capability continue to be significant challenges for both practising managers and academic researchers. Making insightful, well-informed decisions can prove difficult for a variety of structural and organisational reasons. These include factors such as environmental uncertainty, conflicting goals, organisational inertia caused by unnecessarily complex interactions and functional sub-optimisation. In response, multi-disciplinary and multi-technique decision-making approaches have emerged as novel solutions to handle these challenges. Creativity in decision-making is increasingly focusing on providing solutions that consider how different approaches and different ideas work productively together.  In order to support such a decision-making revolution, the nature of inter-organisational collaboration is changing and requires a higher degree of tactical and strategic co-ordination and the design and implementation of new decision-support tools and information sharing schemas with network partners. Therefore, the study of collaborative decision-making trends and solutions and it contribution to improved business performance is presented as a theme of contemporary interest and for both practitioners and academics.

Topic selection

This special issue seeks original contributions of successful industrial cases studies where collaborative solutions have been applied to support organisational decision-making. The objective of this Special Issue is to bring together novel contributions that demonstrate the value of multi-disciplinary, multi-technique collaborative decisions. Theoretical contributions will normally not be considered, unless a strong appeal for industrial applications can be justified.

Manuscript Preparation and Submission

All contributions will be subjected to a review process. There should be a separate title page giving the names and addresses of the authors. Manuscripts must be sent electronically to one of the guest editors and should be prepared according to the Production Planning & Control guidelines that can be found at  Please do not submit the papers via the online submission and review system. The invited selected papers should be submitted directly to the Guest Editors, as the instructions that will follow with the invitation communication.

Special Issue Guest Editors

Jorge E. Hernandez, Management School, The University of Liverpool, Liverpool, United Kingdom.


Andrew C. Lyons, Management School, The University of Liverpool, Liverpool, United Kingdom.


Pascale Zarate, Toulouse 1 Capitole University (UT1C), Toulouse, France.


Rita Ribeiro, UNINOVA – CA3, Lisbon, Portugal.


Important Dates

  • Notification for EWG-DSS Liverpool 2012 paper selection, 1st June, 2012
  • All manuscript submission deadline, 14th September, 2012
  • Notification to authors, December, 2012
  • Second draft submission, January, 2013
  • Final acceptance notification, February, 2013
  • Publication, May, 2013 (provisional on-line)

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