Special Talk Dr. Stephen Childe

Stephen J. Childe is a senior lecturer in Engineering Management at the University of Exeter.  He is a Chartered Engineer and member of the Institution of Engineering and Technology and a member of the IFIP Working Group (5.7) in Integrated Manufacturing Systems.  He was formerly a vice chairman of the UK Institution of Operations Management and is the editor of the international journal ‘Production Planning and Control: The Management of Operations’ which addresses operations management in all sectors, especially focusing on research that addresses or identifies problems experienced in industry.

Title: Decision Support and Operations Management – viewpoint from an editor 


Dr Childe is the Editor of the international journal “Production Planning & Control – The Management of Operations“.  In this talk, he will look at the areas of interest of DSS and Operations Management, and identify where overlaps exist.  Operations Management consists of many kinds of decisions that provide a basis for contributions from the DSS field. In particular, PPC focuses on research that is motivated by current problems being experienced in industry, and which leads to useful new knowledge for application.  The talk will also outline the publication process for a typical journal and specifically PPC from an editor’s point of view, including some questions that should be considered by authors when making submissions

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